NG Hydraulic Pile Breaker is an efficient, economical, clean and advanced system for cutting concrete outcrops and foundation piles.
Concrete piles can be difficult to break. manual crushers are no longer relevant due to their inefficiency and a number of other potential dangers. To disassemble the pile concrete to the cutting level, you will need a revolutionary way.
The ergonomic design makes it extremely easy for the pile breaker to crush concrete piles of different diameters on the construction site. Each module includes a separate system of cylinders and soldering rods. With the help of hydraulic pressure, the oil cylinder drives the soldering rod to squeeze the soldering iron.

Thanks to this method of operation, cracks and damage will not occur in the piles and reinforcement underground

NG Compactor Roller is designed to be attached onto Excavators/ Backhoe loader. It consists of a vibratory roller which is vibrated through an eccentric shaft while being operated through the hydraulic circuit of the carrier equipment. This is useful at sites where deep soil compaction is required and compaction of slopes such as canals, road-side hills etc and also for the areas which are non-accessible with the conventional compactors. The attachments are available for various carrier models and capacities.

Simple plug and play operation.
Multiple roller types for different job requirements.
Effective compaction of slopes and tricky terrains, with high productivity at lower costs.
Useful for compaction of areas inaccessible with conventional compaction methods.
Can work in wet and slippery areas where conventional compactors are not usable.
Self cleaning drum.
Maintenance free design and easy access for replacing vibration dampening pads

High capacity wheel loader buckets are built with high strength steel and AR-400 steel wear plates in all wear areas.Powerful bottom mounted cylinders with a bottom pivot allow the operator to dump loads with higher clearance. Standard Bolt-on cutting edge included.
Breite – Volumen – Tiefe – Höhe – Gewicht
2600 mm 3,0 m3 1557 mm 1297 mm 1802 kg
2800 mm 3,5 m3 1697 mm 1437 mm 2002 kg
2500 mm 3,5 m3 2177 mm 1512 mm 1872 kg
2800 mm 4,0 m3 1762 mm 1502 mm 2102 kg
2600 mm 4,0 m3 2247 mm 1567 mm 1998 kg
2900 mm 4,0 m3 2177 mm 1517 mm 2147 kg
3000 mm 4,0 m3 1747 mm 1472 mm 2144 kg
3200 mm 4,5 m3 1807 mm 1517 mm 2274 kg
2900 mm 5,0 m3 1977 mm 1632 mm 2272 kg
3000 mm 5,0 m3 1902 mm 1602 mm 2294 kg
2800 mm 6,0 m3 2097 mm 1737 mm 2344 kg
3000 mm 6,5 m3 2007 mm 1732 mm 2402 kg

NG Mechanical Grapple are the ideal excavator attachment for land clearing, skip sorting and general forestry work. The mechanical bucket is the most important bucket preferred in the demolition and forestry industries due to its robust design and ease of use. They are very suitable for secondary processing of various materials by grabbing and placing, sorting, raking, loading and unloading loose materials, including wood, steel, brick, stone and large rocks.

Since our mechanical buckets are designed to be used directly instead of the machines own bucket, no additional circuitry or hydraulics are required, as it uses the excavator connecting October lever and cylinder to create movement. Safety is ensured by three fingers facing the excavator cab and two locked fingers facing away from the cab, which means that any logs or other materials are detached from the operator. When the bucket cylinder is opened or closed, the jaws are opened or closed to grab the transport or load.

The process is as simple as filling the bucket, attach a bag, open then bucket. Bagezee-The original and best Bag filling system was designed and developed over 12 years ago and is capable of filling up to 40 bags in 60 minutes. It can be fitted to most Telehandlers Loaders and Lift Trucks providing they have lift capacities of a minimum 2 Tonne. Sizes from 0.5m3 up to 1m3. Larger sizes available on request. Ideal for filling Dumpy Bags, Trailers and Hoppers Lorries and Vans.

1500 mm1,0 m³415 kg
2000 mm1,5 m³627 kg
2500 mm2,0 m³839 kg
3000 mm2,5 m³1050 kg

The NG GRAIN PUSHER is designed for use with telehandlers, loaders and shovel loaders. The heavy duty design incorporates round and smooth surfaces to prevent grain trapping. A modular design, means all sizes can be extended by 3.0 , 4.0 or 6.0 metres. We offer an optional plastic wear strip for floor protection. Both extensions and plastic wear strip can be retro fitted. A large 2.3m wide blade (1m high)increases grain pushing capability from previous models. All come as standard in high visibility yellow paint, aiding use in darker, indoor grain stores.

ModelReach (m/ft)Width (m/ft)
NGT312.11 / 7’0″2.35 / 7’7″
NGT412.44 / 8’0″2.35 / 7’7″
NGT513.05 / 10’0″2.35 / 7’7″
NGT613.65 / 12’0″2.35 / 7’7″
NGT714.57 / 15’0″2.35 / 7’7″
NGT815.49 / 18’0″2.35 / 7’7″

NG snow blades are safe and do not damage the street surface and pavement, thanks to the blade design that prevents the operator from overturning and overcoming the obstacle, kickback and damage to machinery and equipment in case of impact.

Brush shredder NG Mulcher is the most classic NG forestry shredder. Its universality makes it suitable for the most diverse uses

-Right of way management in forestry industries, establishment of fire breaks, vegetation management, -roadside maintenance…
-In construction for land clearing and site preparation…
-For the renewal of orchards in agriculture,
-Removal of dead plant trees in gardens

Quick Coupler is produced in 2 different types Mechanical and Hydrauli. It greatly reduces the time spent on Bucket and Attachment changes. Quick couplers offer excavator operators the option to execute the tool change at the excavator fast and flexibly by themselves. With mechanical quick couplers, the change can be completed within only a few minutes, with hydraulic and fully hydraulic couplers even faster. For each of our quick coupler types, we trust in reliable locking mechanisms providing a safe changing process and hold of the attachments.

Increase profitability by removing trench sediment quickly and easily. It is used for cleaning and backfilling ditches, grading.

Wood Cracker-Root Stump Cutters

It is an equipment designed and built to cut the roots and extract the tree stump directly from the ground. With this extractor equipment you are able to complete the work of deforestation eliminating all the parts rooted to the ground of every type of wood material existing in nature The cutting power is produced by the thrust of a hydraulic cylinder that allows the extraction of the stump from the ground and the subsequent volumetric reduction

Yüksek Devirmeli Kova / High Dump Bucket
High capacity wheel loader buckets are built with high strength steel and AR-400 steel wear plates in all wear areas.Powerful bottom mounted cylinders with a bottom pivot allow the operator to dump loads with higher clearance.

Standard Bolt-on cutting edge included.

Kök Sökücü / Rake Gripper / Rechen
Wide, dual cylinder clamp delivers more clamp force than possible with any bucket thumb
Use 100% of the excavator’s reach
Quickly clear large, bulky loads
Easy, low-cost installation. Nothing to weld to the stick

Dönüşlü Kova / Hydraulic Tilt Shave Bucket / Ditch-cleaning Bucket / Grabenräumlöffel
The NG Hydraulic Bucket features a flat bottom design with angled cylinders, to prevent material build up, that offers up to 45° of rotation left and right. Available with a straight or serrated cutting edge.

Top quality high tensile and abrasion resistant steel construction

Available in Wedge Lock, Pin-on, S Series, or Manual Bar lock lugging

Comes pre-drilled for bolt-on cutting edge

No kickstand required – NG buckets stand on their own

Angled cylinders to help prevent material build up

Flow control value to fine tune speed of bucket swing

Hydraulic Tilt Shave Bucket

Hepsi bir arada bir ekskavatör kepçesi ve kazma kovası olan NG Kepçe, arazi temizleme ve yıkım şantiyeleri için mükemmel bir araçtır. Tüm kıvrılma döngüsü boyunca kovayı takip eden daha fazla kavrama kuvveti için kova üzerinde çift başparmaklı silindirlere sahiptir. Başparmak doğrudan kovaya monte edilmiştir ve tüm başparmağı ve kova tertibatını tek parça olarak düşürmenize izin vererek size üstün makine çok yönlülüğü sağlar.

Mechanical Pulverizers provide the ideal work tool for processing reinforced concrete quickly & efficiently from stockpiles or arisings.

Mechanical Concrete Pulverizers are highly versatile demolition and processing tools. Simple to fit and operated from the machines existing bucket cylinders they provide an efficient solution to most general demolition tasks without the need for any additional hydraulics.

Supplied to fit machines from 6 to 100 tonnes complete with support bracket and brace arm. The optional ripper tooth aids in the lifting and prying of floor slabs whilst a rebar shear (fitted as standard on 10t+ machines) slices through the toughest reinforcing wire.

Mechanical Pulverizers can be made to direct mount on your machine or for use with any type of mechanical or hydraulic quick-hitch systems.

Öğütücü Çene / Pulverizer
NG Pulverizer are engineered and manufactured to world class standards to deliver optimum productivity on the most demanding demolition jobsites and steel processing operations. Hydraulic Pulverizer the unique construction of the arm pin prevents distortion of the main frame and diminished jaw deflection, this in turn maintains blade tolerances preventing jamming of material between the cutter blade.
Waved shape cutting blades for superior grip and control of material
Unique design that tightens frame and arms to prevent distortion

Hydraulic Demolation Shears
NG Attachments Demolition Shears are engineered and manufactured to world class standards to deliver optimum productivity on the most demanding demolition jobsites and steel processing operations. Hydraulic Demolation Shears,The unique construction of the arm pin prevents distortion of the main frame and diminished jaw deflection, this in turn maintains blade tolerances preventing jamming of material between the cutter blade.
Waved shape cutting blades for superior grip and control of material
Unique design that tightens frame and arms to prevent distortion
Full 360° power rotation
Low weight with large jaw opening

Ekskavatör Mıknatısı & Excavator Magnet Attachments
NG Magnetics we build and sell the magnets you need. Our quality is unsurpassed, and we offer the greatest variety of electromagnets available in Turkey. The scrap and demolition industries have many unique and demanding applications for excavator magnet systems. The high cycle times demand a system that is durable and dependable. NG Magnetics offers a variety of different styles of Scrap & Demolition Magnets that are designed for top operational efficiency and lasting durability. Using a lifting magnet attachment to gather only the material you want to load is an effective, inexpensive tool that can help increase profits.

NG ATTACHMENTS / İnnovation Meets Excavation

Complete range of standard and reinforced digging buckets for excavators and loaders, rear and front quick couplers. Line of special buckets, with wear-proof equipment and larger thicknesses, conceived for the extractive sector in quarry and mining for excavators up to 200 t.

NG Concrete Mixer Attachments, Concrete mixing, Gravel Cement
Special Twinsaft Mixer Type, Bearing Changeable, Mixer Blades Hardox
Front Bucket Mouth 50 m3 concrete per day, Reciprocating Rear Bucket Emptying Pressure Regulating Valve Shock Absorber, Front Grill cover, Easy Cleaning Minimizes operating costs.

Ağaç Sökme ve Nakil Ataşmanı / Tree Spade Attachments
Our range of tree transplanters contains 4 types, other types are available on demand.
The two half round shells are ensuring a nice root-ball form, which helps you to maintain the most important roots.
This range of machines is mainly useful for avenue tree nurseries and big projects (like road widenings and new housing estates). But there are many other jobs you can use them for.
If your digger or loader fits the requierements of our tree transplanters is depending on a number of things. Send us the brand and type of your digger/loader so that we can check out if it fits to our tree transplanters.
We mainly deliver (mini) digger/excavator, loader and tractor mounted attachments.
Beside of tree spades and tree transplanters we manufacture a wide range of tree nursery equipment, like: tree planting machines, digging machines for bare root trees and pruning platforms

Excavator Sleeper Changer / Travers Değiştirici Ataşman
The NG Sleeper Changing unit with integrated ballast shield offers the additional option of bolt-on ballast buckets that can be used to extract the ballast from in between the sleepers and place it next to the track, for example. The plunge depth of the shield can be adjusted. The sleeper is grabbed with the mounted hydraulic gripper and can then be pulled out of the bed from the side. The grab is equipped with a 360° endless rotation. NG sleepers can also be handled by opening the hydraulic gripper and thus clamping the sleeper. Ideal for road rail excavators with 12t to 24t operating weight. A special holding valve guarantees a secure retention of loads even in the case of pressure drops.

Süpürge Ataşmanı / Sweeper Attachments
Now you can sweep, collect and dump dirt and other debris with just one attachment.Ideal for construction, industrial or municipal jobs, the hydraulically driven NG Sweeper is easy to attach and simple to operate going either forward or reverse.

It’s perfect for cleaning parking lots,sidewalks, docks, warehouses and more.

The sweeper’s floating bristle head follows surface contours independent of the bucket,providing improved surface contact onslopes for better sweeping consistency.

The floating head also offers ideal downpressure for longer bristle life, reducing the number of required bristle adjustments.

Skeleton Bucket,Lattice, skeleton or sieving buckets are mainly used for sieving stones and other rocks and for recycling building remains.
Ekskavatör Taş Kovası Izgara Elekli Ekskavatör Kovası Izgaralı Kova Sieving Bucket Skeleton Bucket Taş Eleme Kovası

Kapaklı Dalma Kepçe / Clamshell Bucket – Excavator Clamshell Bucket

Material #handling #excavators are purpose-built machines for specific applications. These material handlers are built on an excavator base and are available in wheeled or tracked versions. Machines often have heavy-duty components designed for harsh conditions and are heavier than typical excavators due to the use of more steel and counterweights.

At the ends of these cranes scrap etc. #OrangePeelGrabs are used for materials, and #ClamshellGrabs are used powdery materials.
 Clamshell Bucket Dalma Kepçe Electro Hydraulic Clamshell Motor Grab Electro Hydraulic Grapple Fuchs Clamshell Grapple Grapple Bucket Hydraulic Clamshell Excavator Grab Kapaklı Kepçe Mantsinen Clamshell Mechanical Clamshell 2 Roped and 4 Roped Grab Radio Remote Control Grab Sennebogen Clamshell BucketГрейфер с дистанционным управлениемМеханический с двумя канатами и четырьмя ковшами полип-грейфер

Selector grabs are a versatile tool for the selective demolition sorting and reclamation of varied materials. They are widely used in the demolition industry for primary stripping works and then subsequent clearance of sites, they are also a useful partner for the sorting and selection of skip and green waste and are used extensively at waste transfer and sorting yards.

NG Log Grapples feature a unique shape that allows wood to easily roll up the inner surface of the jaw.

This feature allows material handler operators to achieve a round bunch every time, no matter how crooked the wood may be. Increase your efficiency and out-lift the competition every time

A purpose-built machine for steel cutting, a steel shear is an efficient tool for demolishing steel structures where large steel plates or steel girders must be cut. Ships and airplanes are examples of typical applications where it is important to avoid generating sparks and flames but good cutting performance is needed. Scrapyards are another important customer group for our excavator shears.
The NG NEW SHEARS represent a new standard in mobile shear attachments. The NG engineering teams aim was not simply to develop an all purpose scrap shear, or to match those already in the market. delivers increased power and performance leading to an increase in reliability, operating time and cost savings. All results the market expects from a mobile scrap and demolition shear. With a new range of models, NG mobile shears mount to a carriers second or third member position with a special design for material handlers
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