Kapaklı Dalma Kepçe / Clamshell Bucket

Kapaklı Dalma Kepçe / Clamshell Bucket – Excavator Clamshell Bucket

Material #handling #excavators are purpose-built machines for specific applications. These material handlers are built on an excavator base and are available in wheeled or tracked versions. Machines often have heavy-duty components designed for harsh conditions and are heavier than typical excavators due to the use of more steel and counterweights.

At the ends of these cranes scrap etc. #OrangePeelGrabs are used for materials, and #ClamshellGrabs are used powdery materials.
 Clamshell Bucket Dalma Kepçe Electro Hydraulic Clamshell Motor Grab Electro Hydraulic Grapple Fuchs Clamshell Grapple Grapple Bucket Hydraulic Clamshell Excavator Grab Kapaklı Kepçe Mantsinen Clamshell Mechanical Clamshell 2 Roped and 4 Roped Grab Radio Remote Control Grab Sennebogen Clamshell BucketГрейфер с дистанционным управлениемМеханический с двумя канатами и четырьмя ковшами полип-грейфер

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