Mekanik Tutucu / Mechanical Grapple / Mechanische Greifer

NG Mechanical Grapple are the ideal excavator attachment for land clearing, skip sorting and general forestry work. The mechanical bucket is the most important bucket preferred in the demolition and forestry industries due to its robust design and ease of use. They are very suitable for secondary processing of various materials by grabbing and placing, sorting, raking, loading and unloading loose materials, including wood, steel, brick, stone and large rocks.

Since our mechanical buckets are designed to be used directly instead of the machines own bucket, no additional circuitry or hydraulics are required, as it uses the excavator connecting October lever and cylinder to create movement. Safety is ensured by three fingers facing the excavator cab and two locked fingers facing away from the cab, which means that any logs or other materials are detached from the operator. When the bucket cylinder is opened or closed, the jaws are opened or closed to grab the transport or load.

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