Ekskavatör Fore Kazık Kırıcı / Hidrolik Kazık Kırıcı

NG Hydraulic Pile Breaker is an efficient, economical, clean and advanced system for cutting concrete outcrops and foundation piles.
Concrete piles can be difficult to break. manual crushers are no longer relevant due to their inefficiency and a number of other potential dangers. To disassemble the pile concrete to the cutting level, you will need a revolutionary way.
The ergonomic design makes it extremely easy for the pile breaker to crush concrete piles of different diameters on the construction site. Each module includes a separate system of cylinders and soldering rods. With the help of hydraulic pressure, the oil cylinder drives the soldering rod to squeeze the soldering iron.

Thanks to this method of operation, cracks and damage will not occur in the piles and reinforcement underground