Metal Kesme Makası / Hydraulic Scrap Metal Shears

A purpose-built machine for steel cutting, a steel shear is an efficient tool for demolishing steel structures where large steel plates or steel girders must be cut. Ships and airplanes are examples of typical applications where it is important to avoid generating sparks and flames but good cutting performance is needed. Scrapyards are another important customer group for our excavator shears.
The NG NEW SHEARS represent a new standard in mobile shear attachments. The NG engineering teams aim was not simply to develop an all purpose scrap shear, or to match those already in the market. delivers increased power and performance leading to an increase in reliability, operating time and cost savings. All results the market expects from a mobile scrap and demolition shear. With a new range of models, NG mobile shears mount to a carriers second or third member position with a special design for material handlers
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