Döner Elekli Kova / Screening Bucket

NG Screening Buckets ,are becoming increasingly popular across the World for sorting a number of materials including topsoil, peat, rubble and quarry rock, as well as for backfilling, composting and recycling. They facilitate fast, accurate filtering of large volumes of material, all the while prolonging the longevity of your machine by averting the need to shake it in the same way as riddle buckets require. Whilst Screening Buckets are typically considered a high-end piece of equipment only needed by specialists, pleased to offer a solution for this professional tool at an affordable price.

Interchangeable HB400 Screening Plates of varying hole diameters

360° protective frame prevents excess strain from being applied to the drum when crowding

Tapered drum provides increased capacity for screening larger materials

Dual relief valve ensures consistent pressure and motor speed.

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